Thursday, March 25, 2010

Duck, duck, goose, duck, goose, goose, duck

From the first time I drove through Lexington and saw the duck pond, I couldn't wait to take Ethan to meet a real-life Mr. and Mrs. Mallard. Our schedule and the weather finally cooperated and last week we took a picnic -PB&J for us, peanuts and bread for the ducks- and had ourselves an Adventure. It was one of those (rare) amazing days when the actual event is just as great as the picture in your head. The boys were sweet, no one got bitten by a goose, complete success!

Evan loved this bridge:

But Ethan insisted it was "too dangerous" and sounded just like my Grandma Lois when Evan took off: "Oh oh Evan! Come back here! Oh no!"

Duck, duck, goose

Goose, goose, duck, goose

And of course, the playground:

Yay, Spring.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Sketti, spaghetti

Yesterday the spring-weather-preview came to an abrupt and nasty halt with freezing rain and snow. My wonderful aunt Laura had given the boys a play-doh set ages ago and I have been hoarding it, waiting to present it at the moment of maximum indoor desperation. Ta-dah! They loved it, and played for hours. "We should tell Laura and Nancy thank you for this sketti-maker!" Ethan exclaimed.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Big Boy!

No more diapers! I'm not sure what prompted Evan's decision to join the underwear club but he hasn't worn a diaper for a couple weeks now and the accidents are becoming fewer and farther between. Maybe it's the draw of the quality reading material- a FarmTek catalog. When Ethan was learning, he had a couple potty-related books and a Tractor House catalog. Matt was all, "Tell people that's Ethan's book or they'll think it's mine."
I have been looking forward to eliminating the 'diapers' line from the budget for quite some time now but I have to admit that I'm starting to go through withdrawal. I just love that site. At least the UPS guy won't have to see our messy entryway and half-naked children as often.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

All talk

Evan, last week: "Cuck! Hoh-wee cuck!"
My mom: "What did he say?"
Me, cringing: "F#%@, holy #^$@."
Does the 'holy' make it better or worse?

Evan, this week: "Gosh! Oh my gosh!"

Ethan: "I just CAN'T get to sleep. I am nocturnal!"

Jenny: "Don't scratch the wall with Antlers!"

Ethan: "What can we scratch the wall with?"

Coupla things here:

1) Umm, NOTHING.

2) Antlers is capitalized because these antlers are cradled, carried, and crooned to with the affection someone normally reserves for an infant. Boys are so weird.