Wednesday, April 30, 2008


Ethan uses a sweet, high voice to talk to Evan. "Hi, goo," he'll sing-song. "Do you want Efan to schnnuggle you? Look, Mom, I'm taking care of him! It's ok baby, here's Efan." It's adorable. He also talks to his animals, tractors, and trains that way when he puts them to sleep. (Complete with jiggling, rocking, ssshhhing, a song, and tucking them under a blanky.) As Evan gets bigger, though, Ethan has started to carry on 'normal' conversations with him. "Here's your tractor, Evan. Hey! Don't break my bridge!" This morning they were playing on the floor when I heard: "Oh, man! Evan pit up in my dumptruck!" I peeked over at them as Ethan turned the truck over and poured out a puddle of spit-up. He went into the kitchen to get a towel and went back to wipe it up. "Evan, pease don't pit up on my trucks," he requested politely. Evan laughed.

Sunday, April 27, 2008

The Green Goblin

I finally gave in and let Evan eat real food. For several weeks he has been grabbing our food and drinks and trying to get it in his mouth as fast as he can. I've been trying to hold out until he is exactly 6 months old but today I took pity on him and gave him some mashed up avocado. He was thrilled. He had more fun playing with it than eating but if he's happy, I'm happy. See his black eye? That's the biggest reason I thought he needed a little treat today. He collided with the corner of some woodwork this morning. Mobility is risky business!
Ethan is also discovering ways to speed his mobility. Matt reported that one evening while they were doing chores, he got out of the truck to open a gate and when he got back in, he saw Ethan leaning down to press the brake so he could shift the truck out of park. Yikes! That kid is going to be smarter than us any day now. Last summer we learned to take the keys out of the 4-wheeler and lawn mower but I had no idea he would start driving already. I realize kids grow up fast but this is just crazy!

Friday, April 18, 2008

A Date with My Boys

Evan had his 4 month well baby check-up today. (What, he's 5 months? Oops.) It went great; all the nurses oohed and ahhed over him, and our doctor said his physical development and the sounds he makes are very advanced for his age. I know it's probably part of their job description to fuss over the babies but it doesn't make it any less fun to hear! The shots were a bummer. It feels so mean because he has no idea what is happening or why people are hurting him. I've also been starting to freak out because of all the negative press about vaccines lately but the doctor reassured us that there have been many, many studies that have shown no correlation between the vaccines and autism or other serious side effects. It's scary that we are working so hard to keep these precious children safe but there are so many variables that are out of our control.

A friend offered to watch Ethan so I could run errands in (relative) peace but I wanted to bring him. I am truly enjoying his company these days. His language has taken off in the last few weeks. His sentences are perfect and he can think logically enough to really answer questions and carry on an actual conversation. He likes to act like animals. One day his friend was here and he kept roaring in her face. I told him she didn't like it and if he kept acting like a lion he would have to play by himself. He looked right at her and made another loud noise. I snapped at hin and he said "I'm an elephant!"

He barked like a puppy while we were at the doctor's office. Everyone played along, scratching his head and telling him what a cute doggie he was. He had to get some blood drawn and afterwards the doctor gave him a sticker. He stuck it in his mouth and started chewing! I fished most of it out and reminded him that stickers aren't food. "It's puppy food!" he protested.

All in all, we had a great day. We went out for Chinese before the appointment. Evan sat on my lap and chewed on a straw while Ethan consumed more than his body weight in lo mein noodles and veggies. "More broccoli, please," he kept requesting. (Whose kid is that?!) Between the two of us, we filled and cleaned five plates from the buffet. Evan watched longingly. He seems like he's really wishing for food these days but maybe it's just because he puts everything in his mouth. Both boys behaved perfectly and we lingered at the table for more than an hour. It may be a few years til I can go on another date with Matt but going out on the town with my little guys is pretty amazing, too!

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Snow Day

Hmm, my calendar says April but the view from my window implies January (in Canada). We got close to a foot of snow but even as I write this it’s melting so maybe Spring will put in an appearance someday. The power went out during the night so we all snuggled in my bed to keep warm. As much as I disliked the many cold toes on my leg, I loved the scent of sweetness and innocence that surrounded the boys. More often than not now, Ethan smells like a big kid- Cool Ranch Doritos on his breath and tractor oil on his clothes. But as I breathed in the baby-shampoo scent on his skin, I was reminded of how little and precious he is. All the big boy underwear in the world can’t change the way he still asks me to “pat, pat” his back before he falls asleep or molds his little body to mine so that every square inch of his skin is touching me. Love for these children fills me so deeply that I can hardly breathe. Evan sleeps best nestled under my chin, with my cheek pressed against his. When someone else is holding him or he’s –gasp!- down for a minute, I feel like a limb is missing. Matt and I spend hours marveling over these boys. What did we used to do in our spare time? Whatever it was doesn’t hold a candle to the delight we feel when we are with these little guys.
P.S. Yes- you read that right. Ethan has discovered Doritos and there is no going back to baked organic veggie crisps!

Monday, April 7, 2008

Two Busy Boys

OK, now we're all well. Ethan is recovering from a nasty case of rotavirus. He isn't quite back to his busy little self but he is feeling good enough to catch up on some of his chores: using blocks as bales to feed his cattle and fixing his tractor by tipping it onto its side, shining a flaslight on it, and poking at it with whatever tools he can get his hands on.
Evan is really busy these days, too. He has some definite ideas about how he wants to spend his time. Most of them still involve being carried around but he has branched out enough to enjoy the stroller, tummy time, and he loves the ExerSaucer. (Thanks, Lane!) He is quite the chatterbox these days, too. He smiles with his whole body, especially when he sees Ethan. It's a nice change from when he covered his face and cried when Ethan got close. (In Evan's defense, his big brother was usually carrying a chainsaw or drill- sometimes I wanted to cover my face and scream, too!) Anyway, now they are really enjoying each other. "Evan is a good friend," Ethan said yesterday. Who knew two boys would be so sweet?