Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Road Trip

Tessa and my mom took the boys to visit Dad in Wyoming over Memorial Day weekend. "Are they insane?" Matt asked when I told him what they were planning. "What are they going to do with the boys while your dad is working?" "Not my problem," I responded gleefully. It was still cold and snowy in the mountains, but that was not enough to stop my family from building a fire and having some Wyoming fun.
Luckily there was also a community center with indoor swimming pools and a playground.

The boys loved every minute of the trip, and are still full of stories about the big tower crane and the hospital Grampa is building, and the snow in the mountains, and "fwimming" with Tessa and Gwamma. I was pretty nervous while they were gone, and of course my dad thought it was hysterical to have Tessa text me to say they were still in the mountains looking for the boys but don't worry, the snow stopped and it wasn't dark yet. Har har.
I was really looking forward to a relaxing and productive weekend. Unfortunately, Matt's idea of relaxing and productive was slightly different than mine, so the things we checked off the list included fencing, standing up to my hips in a muddy hole fixing a leaky hydrant in the pasture, and driving to Crete to get a sprayer from Matt's parents' and the horse from mine. Things that were NOT checked off the list included napping, weeding the garden, painting the playroom, napping, catching up on laundry, and did I mention napping?
All in all, a good time was had by most of us, and the boys sure are looking forward to the next trip!

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Hey there

The last time I dropped off the face of the blogosphere, it was because life was too boring to write about. This period of time has been the opposite, well, perhaps technically not the opposite as that would be exciting- life here has just been oh-so-busy lately. We wrapped up two straight weeks of Vacation Bible School, one at our own church as well as the community VBS in Sargent. It was fun to see Ethan go off to his class like a big kid and hear about all of his adventures on the way home. I helped, and Evan alternated between staying at my side and being carried around by random teenagers. They've been singing the songs at home nonstop, but rarely moved their lips or hands during either program. Oh well.

Today was much more summer-vacation-ish. The sun is shining (!!!!!!!!!), Ethan slept late, we went to the park and ate ice cream cones with friends. We have been enjoying strawberries and lettuce from the garden every day. I am just loving these days.