Tuesday, June 19, 2012


Do you ever let something slide because you think you're too busy, then the longer you're away from it, the more intimidating it seems to start again? No, that's just me?

Do you ever use too many commas? Or is that just me, as well?

But here I am. Nothing intimidating about typing! I have plenty of time here at work. I'm working a lot now, 3 nights a week at our tiny 911 dispatch center. I love the work, I love my officers, and I love the long quiet hours on Pinterest and trying to set Solitaire records. Matt is working a lot, too, although he quit his job in April and I imagined he would have more time at home working through the imaginary list I, well, imagined for him.

As always, the boys are also working around the clock. Bucket calves, kittens, chicks, the dog, the horse, and the cattle need tending. Holes need dug, flashlights need to be taken apart, Matt's tools need to be strewn around the shop as they work on various projects. Occasionally they spend a long weekend (or week) at Gramma & Grampa's house, where my sister documents the fun they have.

Like this recent putt-putt golfing adventure:

 and not-so-recent White Sox game adventure:

and not-at-all-recent picture of Tess & the boys just because I love it (and them) (and I stole all these pictures from her facebook albums):

And so here we are. This is a good season, full of satisfying work and peace and love and laughter. And there is much to tell, and here I am.