Thursday, April 18, 2013

Snow Day Baking

When Ethan woke up to a snow storm last week, he was absolutely crushed. "Awwwww," he said as he looked out the window, "We only had a FEW days of Spring, NO Summer, and NO FALL!" I reassured him that this was part of Spring in Nebraska and we could still look forward to the next seasons. After a week of cold weather and icy precipitation was followed by another snow storm last night, I needed to step up our snow day activities. Never-ending winter seemed like the perfect reason to finally attempt making doughnuts without the supervision of my mom and Matt's Aunt Linda, Bakers Extraordinaire. I gathered my helpers, ground some wheat, and got to work.

While the dough was rising, we played a few games of Rummikubs. Evan must have had a developmental leap in the past few weeks because instead of just filling up a rack with tiles and looking for the jokers, he actually played a hand all by himself! I love it!

Then we enjoyed doughnuts for lunch, because we didn't get started at the normal doughnut starting time of 4:00 am, took a long nap, and enjoyed more doughnuts for a snack. I guess another snow day wasn't so bad after all.

They aren't picture perfect by any means but they were delicious!

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